Bruno Catalano / Modus gallery

BRUNO CATALANO , KHOURIBGA, 1960 IS A FRENCH SCULPTOR,most renown for creating sculptures of figures with substantial sections missing.

In 1982 he started working at the Société Nationale maritime Corse Méditerranée. He stayed there 4 years until 1986.He cites his experience as a sailor as central to his inspiration.

Catalano was acquainted with sculpting in 1981 in Marseille where he enrolled in Françoise Hamel’s modeling classes. After two years of education, he opened his own art practise in 1985 and secured an oven in which he would bake his first clay figure. Later Catalano began to make big bronze sculptures. His first works were compact and conventional but the later series become increasingly expressive.[5] In 2004 a flaw in one of his characters – a depiction of Cyrano – prompted him to dig and hollow out the chest. A new path of work ensues. An exhibition took place in Marseille in September 2013, to celebrate its status as the European Capital of Culture with ten life-size sculptures exhibited at the port of Marseille.

Nel mio lavoro, sono alla ricerca del movimento e dell’espressione dei sentimenti; faccio emergere dall’inerzia nuove forme e riesco a levigarle fino a dare loro nuova vita. Proveniente dal Marocco anche io ho viaggiato con valigie piene di ricordi che rappresento cosi spesso nei miei lavori. Non contengono solo immagini ma anche vissuto, i miei desideri: le mie origini in movimento” – Bruno Catalano

Bruno catalano / Modus Gallery

Bruno Catalano / Modus Gallery

Bruno Catalano / Modus Gallery