Jesus Curia / Modus Gallery

You have a lot of interest in non-European cultures, which is also the inspiration for your art. Where does this interest come from?

Jesus Curia:  I think the seeds of my interest in other cultures and ethnicities comes from my childhood. From a young age I have been fascinated by people from other cultures, I found them incredibly exotic, especially because where I lived in Spain as a child, it was difficult to see foreign people.

Why did you choose sculpture? What did you find so attractive about this very special form of art?

Jesus Curia: My father was a painter so when I was young I wanted to be a painter too. Then, I arrived at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Madrid and the sculpture made such an impression on me that it became natural to me choosing this technique.

 Were you creative in your youth?

Jesus Curia:  As I said, from an early age I was interested in becoming an artist and every afternoon, after school, I used to paint in my father’s study.

Your sculptures are mainly made of bronze. What do you like about it? What are the best features of this material? 

Jesus Curia:  Yes, I use a lot of bronze, but I also make use of wood, stone, resin and cement. Usually I decide spontaneously. I think of the subject and then I decide what materials can work best.

What feeling prevails after finishing a sculpture?

Jesus Curia:  I always say that sculptors have only two moments of fun with their work. The first, and most satisfying, is when we have finished a job and take a few minutes staring and admiring our creation. The second is when I see people enjoying my work.

What do you do when you're not working?

Jesus Curia:  That's an hard question. Actually, sculpture is my work and my hobby, so it's always in my head. I’ve recently become a father, and apparently that's the only thing that keeps me away a bit from my work.

What would you like to achieve as an artist? Do you have any more dreams you want to accomplish?

Jesus Curia:  I'm more than happy to be able to live from my work. As an artist, I would like my work to be exhibited in galleries all over the world, so that more and more people can admire my work.


Jesus Curia / Modus Art Gallery