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Residing in Belgium where she studied at the SISA Antwerp Institute of Decorative Arts and Crafts, Isabelle Scheltjens continues her magnificent and compelling explorations. 

She works for many years to develop her unique technique which is her signature in the glass fusing art world. Scheltjens creates gorgeously esthetic portraits and she gives them a distance with her specific glass fusing technique. According to her esthetic view, everything looks better from a distance than up close and the fragility of glass represents the transience of beauty. Isabelle’s portraits require the participation of the viewer, as they change depending on the viewing position. Her art gives shape to the disparity between what something appears to be and what something is.


Scheltjens - Amabilis - 65x49x0.7 inches_166 x 125x 2cm.jpg


Isabelle gives a modern touch to classical pointillism with her style. For her, the technique is the most important phase for the entire work and she explains her ideas with these phrases:

‘‘It was painstaking work, but i am happy with the result. Each portrait consists about 20,000 different pieces of hand cut glass. So they are all cut by hand and layered on top of each other. It is very important that they are placed exactly right.’’

Her starting point is expressive faces that show a lot of emotion, which she reproduces in her works. Glass is a very difficult material to work with, it requires a lot of experimenting and a lot of searching but it is also very rewarding for her.


Windows in the sky.jpg


Isabelle Scheltjens is inspired by faces which could be faces in magazines or someone she sees by chance on the street. The right look is the center of the entire process of all these beautiful portraits.

After choosing te right face and the right look, she starts playing with colors and relief. When the real work starts, it gets very complex to work so closely, because she can not see what she is doing in that moment. She clarifies her passion with these words:

‘Laying down the last piece is always an exciting moment for me. That’s when i take step back and i can see the image in it’s entirety, and the piece is finished. That is always rewarding. I am quite proud of what I do.’




Isabelle Scheltjens / Modus Gallery