Gianluca Franzese

Gianluca Franzese is an Italian-born American artist who has lived and worked in San Francisco over the past 14 years. The son of a jewelry maker and a pupil of the old masters of Italian art, he started painting early on, moving through realist, expressive, and narrative styles. With a background in decorative painting, his style has evolved to blend continuous patterns of color with dynamic metal reflections, with meticulous attention to detail and dedication to flawlessness. Each painting plays with the viewer’s perspective, illuminating the spaces in which they reside.

Artist Statement: “This collection reflects my belief that beauty is a process that happens over time, with a focus on underlying patterns and geometries found in nature. The metallic elements in the pieces are sensitive to the temperature of the environment, expressing a particular temperament based on context. This responsive variable means that the work is always unique to the time and place in which it is viewed.”

Flutter | 84 x 104 cm | Aluminium, Silver 12k white gold leaf and 22k gold leaf with Acrylic glazes on panel

Glitterati | 84 x 104 cm | Aluminium, Silver and 12k white gold leaf with acrylic glazes on panel