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Welcome to Javier Léon Perez @ Modus Art Gallery


We are delighted to introduce you our new Artist! Javier Léon Perez from Spain!

Javier’s monochromatic abstract landscapes undulate with rhizomatic movement. In his three-dimensional works, small elements of carefully folded Japanese paper interweave with each other tracing a dance, drawing the viewer into a parallel reality. As with poetry, the message is implicit, it points to a new place that opens up new possibilities.

In his paintings, drawings and sculptural paper works, the almost obsessive detailed process, and eternal repetition of small elements that cover the surface, acts as a mantra, a sacred formula and deeply personal ritual for the artist. For the viewer, the first impact of the powerful colours or monochromatic pallet combined with the tactile oil, graphite or ink textures slowly move into a full aesthetic sensory experience. The eyes explore the surface and discover differences in density, quantity, as well as the games of light and shadow

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